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The Awesomeness Of Python Programming

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In as much as there are many programming languages out there, I like Python programming the most. If you compare this programming language to others, you will realize that Python will in the future outclass other programming languages with a wide margin.

Other Programming Language Of Repute

  1. Java
  2. JavaScript
  3. PHP
  4. Html
  5. C++
  6. Kotlin
  7. Perl
  8. Fortran

The list goes on. Programming languages have fundamental similarities when it comes to rules. However, the beauty of programming is that no matter what language you chose, the computer understands and obeys.

What You Can Do With Python

  1. Create a software
  2. Develop a web app
  3. Develop a Desktop app
  4. Create A mobile app
  5. You can create mini scripts that perform tasks.
  6. As a Python programmer, you can be a system administrator, a project manager, a web developer, a cyber security expert, a software engineer, etc.

Python Modules/Libraries And What They Do

  1. Pygame …. Games
  2. Tkinter …. Creates GUI ( Graphical user interace) for mobile apps, desktop app and web app.
  3. Pandas …. data visualization
  4. Beautiful Soup …. web scraping
  5. Django …. Creates a website or web app
  6. Pybitcoin …. bitcoin
  7. Pysocket … socket programming
  8. Requests …. for HTTP requests

Join the band wagon today and start creating something new and great to make life fun.

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